How to Help a Woman Addicted to Heroin

Heroin addiction is a devastating and life-threatening condition that affects individuals from all walks of life, including women. Women addicted to heroin often face unique challenges in seeking help and support due to various societal and personal factors. This blog will discuss how to provide effective women’s heroin rehab programs to those struggling with heroin…

a woman wonders about the connection between women and heroin addiction

Are Women More Susceptible to Heroin Addiction?

Heroin addiction is a severe and life-threatening disorder that can affect anyone, regardless of their gender. However, studies have shown that women are more susceptible to heroin addiction than men due to several factors. In this blog post, we will discuss why women are more prone to heroin addiction and how heroin addiction treatment and…

women benefit from a women-focused heroin rehab

Benefits of a Women-Focused Heroin Rehab

Heroin addiction can have a devastating impact on anyone’s life, but it can be particularly difficult for women. Women often face unique challenges and barriers when seeking heroin addiction treatment. Fortunately, women’s heroin rehab centers can offer many benefits to women struggling with heroin addiction. Here are some of the benefits of a women-focused heroin…


Treatment for PTSD and Substance Use

Teens are under more stress than ever before. The sheer weight of this pressure has also led to an increase in substance use and mental health disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health disorder that occurs when a person has difficulty processing an emotionally disturbing…


How Naloxone Can Save Lives During Overdose

Opioid overdose is one of the leading causes of most overdose cases in the U.S. A naloxone treatment is the best way to stop the effects of the overdose. The fast-acting naloxone treatment can be administered through injection or nasal spray (NARCAN®) when medical assistance isn’t around. At Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery, we are available…