therapy group meets at a women's outpatient rehab programIf you are seeking professional treatment for your addiction, an outpatient rehab center can help. Women’s outpatient heroin rehab programs promote a life of recovery where you can heal from your addiction, trauma, or mental health disorders. While rehab is never easy, it is always rewarding and gets you on the path to true freedom from addiction. Rehab centers offer quality compassionate care through a range of evidence-based and holistic treatment services designed to get you on the road to recovery. Treatment specialists offer treatment designed to minimize your withdrawal symptoms in a safe and comfortable environment.

Treatment Designed Specifically for Heroin Addiction

Like any other substance, heroin addiction presents its own unique challenges. Heroin is a highly addictive drug that can cause a wide range of side effects and withdrawal symptoms. A women’s outpatient heroin rehab center focuses on issues that are specific to heroin including specialized detox, inpatient and outpatient rehab, and aftercare. A treatment specialist works with you to explore the reasons why you use heroin and what led to your addiction. From there, they help you develop a treatment plan to help you get off of heroin and stay off for good. Regardless of how severe your addiction is, it’s never too late to get help.

The Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment

Women deal with addiction in ways that are unique. Women react to and recover differently from heroin in ways that are different from men. If you are uncomfortable sharing your story or discussing your struggles in front of men, then you may find that a women’s outpatient heroin rehab center is the best place for you. There are numerous benefits of gender-specific treatment including:
  • Women are more willing to be vulnerable in front of other women
  • Mixing genders can cause distractions
  • Women can provide support and create a bond with other women
  • Treatment is available that addresses addiction from a woman’s perspective
  • Women’s treatment centers provide a safe, neutral environment
While being in a women’s outpatient heroin rehab center does not guarantee success, it does provide an atmosphere that women can be more comfortable in.

Dual Diagnosis for Heroin Addiction

A common cause of heroin addiction is trauma, anxiety, or other symptoms of mental health disorders. For instance, if a person is suffering from depression or anxiety, they may turn to heroin to self-medicate. However, heroin addiction may make the symptoms of a mental disorder even worse, causing the individual to slide further into depression or anxiety. Dual diagnosis treatment at a women’s outpatient drug rehab offers comprehensive care that addresses both addiction and mental disorders. Mental health issues often associated with heroin addiction include:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • ADHD
When left untreated, a mental health disorder can trigger a relapse. So, it is important to get an assessment and treatment for both conditions. This ensures that you get a full and sustainable recovery.

Finding the Right Women’s Outpatient Heroin Rehab Programs

When clients seek treatment for heroin addiction, they often choose between inpatient and outpatient services. A outpatient heroin rehab differs from inpatient in that the client does not require 24/7 supervision in a facility. An intensive outpatient program offers many of the same treatment programs as inpatient treatment but with more flexibility. The client can engage in individual and group therapy, holistic treatment, and other programs while still committing to personal, professional, or family obligations. When you enter rehab, you and your therapist can develop a treatment program that works around your personal weekly schedule. If you do not require ongoing care and can manage your addiction, then an intensive outpatient program at a women’s outpatient heroin rehab center may be for you.