Hammocks on the Edisto

Hammocks on the Edisto is a women’s addiction treatment center in Jacksonboro, South Carolina. Our mission is to provide a supportive and enriching environment in which women can begin the healing process of recovery from substance use disorders. Consequences are the natural result of the choices we make, and as we learn to make better choices through guidance and example, our lives become more meaningful. We believe that women are at the very core of our families and society, and so, as we strengthen each woman individually, we strengthen our world.

At Hammocks on the Edisto, we’re committed to the long-term health of every woman in our treatment program. As a result, we work each day to ensure that we are providing the best possible care that we tailor to each woman’s needs. Using a holistic treatment approach in a community environment that addresses addiction as a chronic mental health condition, rather than an isolated event, we strive to give each woman the support she needs for a brighter future.

Treatment programs at Hammocks on the Edisto include:

If you have addiction recovery questions about our treatment staff or admissions process, contact our substance abuse treatment program today to learn more about Hammocks on the Edisto.