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TruHealing Centers

TruHealing Centers is a leader in substance abuse and mental health treatment across the nation. We provide comprehensive, individualized treatment, healing the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the disease of addiction. At TruHealing, we go beyond treating addiction and impact every part of your life. Taking these extra steps allows us to help you heal, conquer your addiction, and begin to thrive. We will give you the best chance of success. You just need to take it.

Family and Social Involvement

A large part of treatment and recovery is healing relationships with family and loved ones. Addiction takes over your life, but it also affects the people who love you. We will help you and your family begin to heal.

Individualized Care

Our addiction treatment centers do not provide cookie-cutter treatment. Instead, our approach involves designing a therapy plan and recovery plan around your needs, strengths, and opportunities. We employ a number of therapies that have been shown to help treat addiction. Group therapy helps you build a bond with the people around you, so you can form a community while in recovery. Our therapists will also work with you on an individual basis to address your personal needs.

Vocational and Academic Support

Recovery also involves getting you ready to return to work or school. Our facilities are taking huge strides to help give you the best support for the future. At each facility, we connect you with a local job or life skills coach to aid with vocational and educational advancement.

Care Coordination

Care coordinators are connecting links between legal, recovery support, vocational, and spiritual resources in the community to ensure that we are giving you the best start at recovery.

We understand that addiction takes over your life, and we will help you build to get past any roadblocks that stand in your path to success. Whatever you are facing, we will help. Legal, financial, spiritual, or other issues can be solved, and your care coordinator will connect you to the right support.

Learn More About TruHealing Centers

For more about TruHealing Centers and how we can help you on the path to recovery, contact us or visit our website: https://www.truhealingcenters.com.

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